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Hydraulic piping systems since 1989Bar Hydraulics was founded in 1989 as a hydraulic non-welded piping and tubing service company specializing in hydraulic non-welded piping, grease and lubrication piping system supply and installations for the industrial and construction sector. Bar Hydraulics has since grown into a global hydraulic piping company with offices throughout Canada, USA, Italy, China & India.

Bar Hydraulics offers a complete hydraulic non-welded piping system from concept to commissioning, which includes design, manufacture, installation, pressure testing and flushing for industrial and construction projects.

As leaders in the hydraulic non-welded piping industry, Bar Hydraulics has developed three superior non-welded flange and coupling systems: BARCONN®, BARDKO®, and BARLAP®. Each hydraulic piping system is specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements and is assured to deliver a more cost effective, efficient and cleaner alternative to the traditional, inadequate welded systems.

The combination of an extensive inventory of products and equipment, the availability of skilled technicians, and a professional management team allows Bar Hydraulics to provide the highest standards in quality in every aspect of our business.

The key to our success has been our commitment to providing the ultimate customer service and timely delivery of our products.

Product Highlights

BARCONN® Non Welded Piping System – The BARCONN® flared joint is based on flaring the pipe ends to 10 degrees with two internal cones. The assembly includes one o-ring face cone with an SAE o-ring, one flat face cone, and clearance flanges