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Non- Welded High Pressure Piping System

The BARCONN® flared joint is based on flaring the pipe ends to 10 degrees with two internal cones. The assembly includes one o-ring face cone with an SAE o-ring, one flat face cone, and clearance flanges.

The connection is made by cold cutting the pipe square, deburing it, and slipping on the flange before the pipe is flared.  After flaring, the cone is secured into the pipe by way of an interference fit.  In fact, the cone may be used up to three times to flare the pipe.  By flaring the pipe with the cone, you can be sure of a sealed joint every time.  Once the flange has been installed, it can be rotated, eliminating the need to match bolt holes prior to installation.  When bolting the joint together, properly install a standard SAE O-ring and begin to tighten flange bolts evenly.

Our standard connection style conforms to ISO, SAE, ANSI, and DIN flanges.  The BARCONN® connection has only one method of attaching the flanges to the pipe, which is by a 10-degree flare.  The cone flares the pipe 10 degrees regardless of the system pressure, the pipe size, the wall thickness or the flange rating.  All pipe sizes and wall thicknesses are flared using the same method.

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