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  • No welding gases or dust
  • No x-ray or die penetrate waste
  • No acid chemical cleaning or neutralization required
  • No disposal of flushing or cleaning hoses
  • No disposal of chemical waste

Quality of Installation

  • BARCONN®, BARDKO®, and BARLAP® connections are stress free and leak free
  • No stress fatigue from welded connections
  • All non-welded pipes are bent reducing pressure drops for sharp angled welded elbows
  • A guaranteed clean piping system
  • No possible weld beads or weld slag left behind from welding
  • Systems are based on a mechanical set design and components are re-usable

Cost Savings
Non-welded hydraulic piping vs. welded piping

  • Reduced skilled labour required to bend and flare pipe vs. ticketed welders
  • Flanges and cones are re-usable vs. socket weld flanges must be replaced
  • Pipe flaring can be performed in minutes vs. hours for welding
  • Compact and low cost tooling vs. bulky and expensive welding machines and gases
  • No hot work permits required
  • Hydraulic non-welded piping specialists on staff to reduce installation supervision and installation time
  • The system fluid is used for flushing and pressure testing and then used for system operation
  • System flushing can be achieved in hours rather than days
  • On site digital oil analysis vs. third party lab testing reducing testing time


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