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Bar Hydraulics offers tools for use with all of our product lines in many industries. We can provide tooling for pipe bending, flaring, cutting, deburing, pressure testing, flushing and oil analysis to name a few. Bar Hydraulics tools are engineered for point of use to work directly with the Bar Hydraulic offering of industrial, marine and mobile products. Bar Hydraulics tools are packaged in kits that can be sold or rented by customers from any one of our global locations.

Bar Hydraulics tools include:

  • Pipe and tube cold cut saws
  • Flaring tools capable of 10°, 37° and 90° from ¼” – 10”
  • Bending tools from ¼” – 10” pipe
  • Flushing and pressure test rigs
  • Oil testing equipment

Bar Hydraulics tools are engineered with our customers in mind. All Bar Hydraulics tools are designed to increase efficiency and reduce installation costs.

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