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Field Positions

Working for Bar Hydraulics in a Global field position is a unique experience that suits someone who enjoys the outdoors, remote locations, and great camaraderie with fellow employees and physical challenge.  Our different field positions offer many different opportunities for individuals. Check them out to see what might work for you.

Most crews work 10-hour shifts six days a week. Project durations vary depending on location and complexity of work. We have different schedules available depending on where the work is being performed and where our crews are based.
We offer unique opportunities to work close to home. Some of our project work is in a rotational camp job, but the majority of our project work is in the field and hotel based.  When working in the field division our staff work on smaller teams (usually 3 – 4 person crews) and have the opportunity to travel between provinces and states while gaining excellent experience and knowledge.

Field positions available:

– Hydraulic Technicians
– Pipe Fitters
– Millwrights
– Fabrication Welder

Please forward all resumes to employment@barhydraulics.com

Shop Positions

Working for Bar Hydraulics in a shop position is a great way to be part of the exciting Hydraulic piping services industry in a manufacturing and/or servicing environment. Bar Hydraulics shops require skilled trades people who are interested in new solutions and creating excellent products.
Bar Hydraulics Inc. has one of the best teams of engineers and Technicians working in the Hydraulic piping industry. We design and manufacture customized hydraulic piping systems in many industries including:

  1. Steel
  2. Oil and gas
  3. Marine
  4. Aluminum
  5. Mining
  6. Testing
  7. recycling


We manufacture and service hydraulic piping systems. Our shops are located in Hamilton, Ontario and Liberty Center, Ohio.

Shop Job Descriptions
Please note that any individual posting may have slightly different requirements from our list. All individuals must be clear on applicable position.

  1. CNC machinists.
  2. Painters
  3. Structural Fabricators
  4. Pipe fitters
  5. Millwrights
  6. General Labor

All resumes should be sent to employment@barhydraulics.com

Office Positions

Working in a Bar Hydraulics office is both rewarding and challenging. Most of our office environments are professionally casual, friendly and offer interesting work assignments. We are always looking for people with good administrative skills, financial skills, or with backgrounds in technology or management.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Jobs Available:

Field Technicians
Mechanical Engineers
Engineering Technicians
SolidWorks Technician
Inside Sales Representatives

Please forward all resumes to employment@barhydraulics.com

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