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Bar Hydraulics has been supplying and installing non-welded piping systems for industrial and construction companies worldwide for over twenty years. Our commitment to providing the best possible quality product and service is what sets us apart from the rest. Experienced project managers provide support for field technicians by handling shipping logistics, creating custom solutions and addressing equipment concerns. Skilled hydraulic piping field technicians have both experience and training in pipe routing and a thorough understanding of hydraulic schematics.

Our flushing and pressure testing equipment, and our years of experience using these technologies, allows Bar Hydraulics to exceed cleanliness levels and reduce operation time which means lower installation costs for our customers.

Bar Hydraulics can offer other market replacement services to support our customers from our many manufacturing and warehouse locations. Since Bar Hydraulics is a full service provider of hydraulic non-welded piping systems, we can design the system; supply the material; ship the material in custom outfitted 20 or 40 foot ocean containers which are designed as portable workshops; supply proprietary bending and flaring tools; and offer flushing and pressure testing services. We provide hydraulic field technicians for site support and compliment this with offering a complete non-welded installation package.

By assuming the responsibility for supplying material, site supervision, installation, flushing, and pressure testing, Bar Hydraulics saves the customer time and money; therefore, providing a one stop shop that allows the customer to single source all of the project requirements.

Bar Hydraulics has the capability to provide the same quality of service worldwide. We can deliver material and documentation to the closest local port or directly to the job site from any one of our global warehouses. Our technicians have worked on projects in countries such as Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico and Columbia as well throughout the United States and Canada. By leading the customer through easy to follow demonstrations, we consistently maintain the same quality of installation and high safety standards.

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