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Pressure Testing / Flushing

Pressure Testing/Flushing

Bar Hydraulics has been pressure testing and flushing non-welded hydraulic piping systems for over twenty years. Our equipment has been designed to reduce costs by providing looping fittings, cross over blocks and flushing hoses or pipe spools. Our mechanical joint system incorporates bends and utilizes phosphate-coated scale-free pipe, which requires no pickling or oiling. This system runs clean in hours, as opposed to days or weeks; thus exceeding customer expectations. The same oil used in flushing can be re-used to operate the system. Oil samples are taken during the flushing process to constantly monitor the cleanliness reading. Oil cleanliness samples are verified on-site using Bar Hydraulics digital particle counters or optical comparators. Oil samples can also be sent to a third-party laboratory for verification.

Bar Hydraulics uses two unique flushing designs, which increases flushing capabilities, while reducing labor time. Our 100 gal/min. units are used to isolate circuits, which increase speed and aid in customer commissioning requirements. Our 200 gal/min. units can stand alone or be combined to 1500 gal./min. for flushing the largest piping systems.

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